Feb 10 – Arriving in the Philippines

Continuing from my last travel post (the Japan layover) We arrive @ MNL - Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) at around 5am. I was mostly trying to sleep during the flight and I remember being served a meal but... I too sleepy to eat properly and I just wanted the tray of food to go … Continue reading Feb 10 – Arriving in the Philippines


Feb 09 – Japan Layover

Apologies for the time it takes to get this post up. Sorting and editing photos take time... Continuing off from the previous blog post back in Feb 8th My family and I arrive in Tokyo, Japan. Specifically Haneda Airport. Our layover here is about 7hrs, so it is more than enough time to eat food … Continue reading Feb 09 – Japan Layover

Small Change of Pace – Short Term Travel Blog

So.. this is going to break off from the dedicated ART 110 assignment posts and suggested by Coach, Glenn. Currently, I'm not attending school for the next two weeks due to family reasons and I am actually about to travel internationally soon (as of this post time). Traveling internationally isn't particularly new to me since … Continue reading Small Change of Pace – Short Term Travel Blog