Wk 15 – Extra Credit – ART 110 Thoughts

ART 110 General Class Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed the ‘class’. Though by design, my schedule this semester was primarily designed all around two major classes and the rest GE or for fun based.

It took a while to get used to the setup initially for the WordPress + Slack + Once a week meet up only, but other than that, I really enjoyed using it all for the class.

WordPress, by far, is way better than beachboard (blackboard) system for forum posts and etc. Though it is a lot more work on the teacher, especially if the designs of the blogs are all over the place or very unconventional/hard to read. For the student though, it is much easier for them to post content without “real restriction” say from file sizes, how many you can post, how they are viewed, etc. The student can literally write their entire homework on their phone and in a well designed UI way. Beachboard…… well lets just say no. On top of that, I believe Glenn mentioned before, it is a good way to get into learning WordPress or making a blog/designing your own site. This is a skill itself that I find would be very useful to anyone in the future. I strongly suggest keep using Wordpress for future classes, though I do feel bad on how many blog post digging you have to do per week basis….

Slack is actually a great chat tool that is being used more and more by companies, least the tech companies. Fast and reliable, and easy to just post. I was familiar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and Slack is basically a similar derivative of that, but has a lot more rich web support built in. Again, also usable on the phone thanks to the dedicated app and native design. I strongly suggest keep using Slack for future classes. 

One day per class, I think my only complaint about this was if you were missing/late to class by more than 10 mins, you’ll wind up without anyone for the classmate conversation. Though it is partially a personal problem for needing to be punctual on the single day of the week you physically meet.

Activities, themselves were pretty fun and ended up being a much different format than what I would’ve expected for an Art class.


  1. Graffiti Writing – Spray painting is just fun. It sorta has an embedded negative connotation, but taking the chance to listen to why people do it and such, it is quite a neat thing. From a non vandalism point of view, some are just amazing with what you can do with pure spray painting. You would’ve thought someone did it with a brush or something, but it is really just the can and absolute precision control of the paint. Graffiti is actually harder than I thought to make it look as fancy than just a black scribble of lines.
  2. Architecture and Urban Planning – I’m personally just a sucker for these kind of things. Architecture I wasn’t expected to be necessarily covered for an intro kind of art class, so this was enjoyable to me. Though I didn’t have any time to bust out CAD designing or such, I like drawing buildings and doing design of things. It takes a lot of time out of the day, but it is always fun to know you “made something”.
  3. Drawing 2: Sketching in the Garden – This is actually going to be both favorite and not so much a favorite in a bit. It is easily my favorite because we go visit the Japanese Gardens at school, which is kinda underappreciated I feel like. It is a wonderful place to take photos and just relax there. It also forces us to go somewhere else as a class other than the Art Gallery, so it gives a different ambiance mood. I’ll discuss the not so favorite part about the activity below.

Partially Problematic Activities (Non Favorites):

  1. Drawing 2: Sketching in the Garden – So why is this here in both the favorite and not favorite? It was mostly related to the post I believe online about what to do for the activity… the number of drawings was a bit confusing somewhat. I think I counted about… 6-7 drawings that had to be done? Though I’m unsure of a better way to lay it out more clearly on how to do it. Though it could’ve been possible to ask Glenn in person what-to-do as well.
  2. Photo 1: Landscapes with a Corpse – I mostly barely managed to get this done on time and I was mostly using equipment I had prior (tripod + camera). I can imagine for a lot of people how hard it was to take a photo of themselves if they were only by themselves. If they had people helping though or a group, then it wouldn’t be as bad. About a half week to go from the thought to execution is quite a short time for a photograph and depending on the student’s schedule, they could almost maybe only make time for the weekend. Though depending on their idea itself, they may not even know where to take the photo and have to spend time thinking of a new plan or finding where to shoot. Mostly… potential logistic problems for how much time is there to post it up.
  3. Hand Plaster Casting – In a sense, this is probably the “most dangerous” activity that exits in the class if you just don’t follow the directions properly. At the same time, it is expected if you buy a product, you should read the instructions… and the activity post. Personally that didn’t happen to me, but I did imagine it happened to someone prior. Other problem was obtaining the materials somewhat, but a bit of driving around more got it for me. I think the last one “problem” was it was the first activity, so it is something we have to do on top of learning all the new class format layout and such. It is though a fun activity, so it is a good way itself to “start” the class.

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