Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Salmah Ismail

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So we are on the last week of our classmate conversation, or ART 110 class in its entirety. The last classmate I’ll be meeting is Salmah Ismail. She is currently a freshman at CSULB, undeclared at the moment. She is thinking about majoring in Psychology. She seems to be enjoying CSULB a lot and she toured the school while in high school, so it definitely factored a decision for her to go here.

Fortunately, she can commute to school, so that saves some money, but she has to drive all the way from Inglewood. Luckily though, that is about opposite direction of driving of traffic flow, so it seems like it works out for her well. She is an single child. Some of her hobbies include writing poetry and watching Netflix.

Luckily for her age, she has been outside of the US quite a bit. She has been to Malaysia, Burma, and Saudi Arabia. I haven’t visited either of these countries, but it is definitely something I would like go visit at least once later.


2017-05-10 15.38.46


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