Wk 15 – Art Activity – Designing Your Life

So for this week’s and final art activity, we were to watch a Stanford lecture video about Designing the life you really want by Dave Evans.  In a funny sense and the way I went about my life for the last two years, there were some ideas that I started to think of since then and was reminded again thanks to this video.

Essentially, nothing in life may go according to plan. The degree you graduate with in a college/university is not guaranteed to lock you into a job related to what you studied for. I found this true with a friend who graduated from UC Berkeley, who current works as an IT Manager, but he graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree. That’s a completely different field and there’s nothing in Chemical Eng. you would use in a practical setting for IT.

I found myself thinking of this too when I got my internship 2 years ago as an IT. From the start, I was thinking the degree I go for is the job I will get and in a way, get stuck forever in that job field for the rest of my life. This was the case for my parents since they are still doing the jobs they graduated with ever since. However, actually working in a sense changed my mindset or maybe got myself lazy. At this time, I have a better chance of getting hired again as an IT job position than an engineering position thanks to my internship experience. I would end up drifting further and further into IT and would probably just wind up staying there for the foreseeable future.

This is a future I’ve considered partially if I “failed” to find something in Computer Engineering or just find out I don’t like it. There are a good amount of cases where people graduate with something and quickly find out they hate working with it, so they go back to school and pick something else.

Below, I have come up with three possible futures of my life. One is the current path (Computer Engineering), Two is the new path I found while I was on my current path (IT job), and Three is where if money wasn’t a real issue, this is something I wanted to try doing the most (Internet Tech Reviewer).

Microsoft Word - Alt Plan (Odyssey) Worksheet (3 timeline, 1 pg,
Option 1 – Stick to what I planned from the start

First up, the current “track” I am on, Computer Engineering. I always loved working with computers and knowing how things work. It just so happens there’s something that does both and makes a lot of money in the process. I don’t have a real complaint about this path as it is both what I like as hobbies and pays well, but the only downside I guess is the long term stress and complexity of things. It is a very specialized area, but the workload area mostly depends on your position and the kind of job you end up. It is a very structural feeling and strict job area since everyone has to be consistent and triple check everything. I mention specifically SoCal because I like living here an awful lot and NorCal is ridiculously expensive, even with your ridiculous 6-figures, you’re just spending it back on rent and no real gain in doing so.

Resource – Mid-high because I’m already in it.

I like it – I still like it, but not relatively as motivated as once before. It might change though when I see the paycheck.

Confidence – In a sense, I still have to stand out by being both skilled and being able to communicate. I have some skills still, but I feel like in comparison to others, I can’t compare necessarily.

Coherence – Logically, this is the most stable path and in a sense “in-line” to what I studied for, so might as well do it.

Option 2 – Go to what I found out 2 years ago that is more “reliable”

This is something I started to consider for the past two years, finish my degree and go into IT thanks to my internship experience. On-top of learning how computers work, I basically learned troubleshooting computers, operation, and setup. I learned all of this not through schooling, but just by doing when I was younger. IT in comparison to engineering is a lot easier of a job to do, though somewhat unstable and the workload can be smooth to completely unpredictable in the worst manner. I wouldn’t make as much money compared to engineering from the start, but if I were to make my own company out of it, then I would or even moreso. Long term, I would be a “boss” and not a lackey for some company.

Resources – Mid-high. I already know what to-do and adapt relatively fast per company basis.

I like it – Still computer related and already done it, so it is pretty good of a job alternative.

Confidence – High. Again, previous experience taught me what to do and the problems aren’t entirely difficult most of the time.

Coherence – It is still a logical path, but not entirely because I “wasted” 5 years in school for a “lower” paying job. Though it would get my foot in the door at times or lead me to a mix of positions.

Option 3 – If money wasn’t a consistent issue, this is one of the pipe dream jobs

Finally, here’s something that just disregards both of the realities and one of the few “dream” jobs I thought of. Other than the “dream job” of doing nothing, this is acceptable in its own way. Thanks to the internet, you can basically share information with people all over the world in multiple mediums. I always like sharing information, but usually it is only shared within circle of friends or one to one with a person and not entirely to the world in a consistent, easily accessible manner. As YouTubers are becoming a “job” today, tech reviews is a vast field that always attracts viewers, mostly to find out how to do xyz or look at product reviews to help make informative buying decisions.

I always like buying tech… a lot of tech. Everyone has an opinion about the thing they own, so I kinda wanted to record and show to the world what I got and what do I think of it. Usually for tech reviews, it is a broad category of things and some will definitely attract more views in that category than others. For example, computer parts/computers gear/laptops, etc. would have more people watching than a reviews of like an oscilloscope or very technical electronics. On top of finding a category to review in, you have to stand out from the others. Video quality, production quality, and etc. all have factors for your views and the algorithmic calculation to promote you vs some other person on the list. In short, you have to spend an awful lot of time with it and over time build up a base that might see revenue in the future, or just not enough and have to go back to “reality” or you’ll be homeless. It is a risk itself.

Resources – Mid-high. I have a lot of stuff I could talk about, I want to talk about and etc., but the most lacking resource I have would be time.

I like it – In theory, I like it. I always wanted to talk about the things I have with people and share it.

Confidence – the lowest of them all from the other potential futures, it is medium at best. To stand out, you have to be a talkative person on camera or be clear about it. Good quality can prevail, but the time it takes to see those returns is something I’m not entirely confident as a full time thing out of the gate, but having something else supporting might work.

Coherence – Logically…. this is iffy in a way. There are so many tech reviewers or people who want to be “YouTube” popular. In a way, it is a populated thing and thus you have to compete against others. You have to find a way to stand out and stick around long enough to get the following and people to invest in you. It is also not the traditional 9-5 job most people would expect, so there would be complaints. It would actually possibly be even longer than a standard 9-5 job, you have to do retakes, heavy editing, etc. and those take time.

I do believe however, there’s a potential for the last one for me. I just have to make videos, talk and be efficient. You can’t grow a userbase if you don’t even start it. It is also possible to do this as a student or while working since it is at “your own pace”. Maybe I will try…


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