Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching @ CSULB Japanese Gardens


We are on almost done with school entirely for this semester! For the better or worse I guess depending on how you see it… For this week, our class went to the CSULB Japanese Gardens. This wonderful garden is located on the far west side of the campus.

I’m not a stranger to the garden since I have been here a few times throughout my student life, but it is always nice to go here. It kinda sucks though the hours are a lot shorter these days and more inconvenient. Pictures on a phone don’t do the real justice here, but I didn’t bring my camera along for this unfortunately.

Our task was having a variety of drawings, primarily representational style drawings I believe.

Full disclaimer, I suck at drawing in reality. I have so many ideas or things I wish I could draw in real life, but it’ll be far from what I see and what gets put down on a paper or a digital canvas. It is something I always wanted to “learn”, but would take an awful lot of time to get going with and so much frustrating erasing/redoing. In a sense though, I draw with CAD however, so everything in perfectly in the shape I would want, but would take longer and has to be perfect compared to a sketch drawing with the right perspective and look I would want.

Overall about the drawings, 1st is a very quick sketch in attempt for a partial view of the header image of the post. Perspective is the biggest issue for me since on paper, everything is just going to be flat and I know what the object is supposed to look like 3D, but I can’t put it down as 2D for the life of me. The 2nd was representational attempt for the balcony on the right side, again perspective issue. 3rd was a representational attempt for the one of the pond lilies floating around. Overall, I still adhered to the best of my ability for the no erasing, just keep drawing. It was still a fun activity and relaxing to do nevertheless.


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