Wk 12 – Art Experience – Lights Out

For this week’s art experience, we were instructed to go a night without any electricity. These days, we take electricity for granted and in a sense, distracts the world around us with objects that tell us about the world around us and beyond ironically enough. However, I just went to bed instead as I was already tired throughout the day and I was reminded of my past experiences with no electricity, but a bit more forced than what the art experience asked for.

  • What did you think the experience would be like?
    • In the past, I had a few experiences of blackouts/brownouts at home before the night has started. They were long enough for the power to not come back for almost a full day, so I knew it was enough to disrupt our daily routine.


  • Was it “easy” or “hard”?
    • In our world today, it is definitely a “hard” experience. Today, we rely on doing everything by our computers, the internet, and electrical power to complete tasks easily and more efficiently.


  • “Frustrating” or “Liberating”?
    • It is both. Frustrating happens for the first few hours for that you can’t do “xyz” that has a deadline or a task became harder to do because has to be done manually with hand-power and not machine-power. Liberating, however, makes you realize how “plugged-in” you are to the world and start to find peace and relaxation of the world around. You start to look around and realize things you never looked more closely at and get lost in thought much quicker.


  • Did you get better sleep? Are you usually sleep deprived? What would it be like to sleep well every night?
    • I got a bit more better sleep since I just went to sleep as the night faded away. I don’t believe I am sleep deprived, but my sleep schedule lately is very late into the nights (3-4am mornings) and wake up with “half” of the day gone (12pm-ish). In a sense, I live in a different time-zone. To sleep well every night though, would be the most amazing thing ever and increase my enjoyment of sleeping, but then I might just end up sleeping more…


  • How is living without electricity more organic or harmonious with nature?
    • As I mentioned above in the liberation section of things, you start to look at the world around you and get lost in your thoughts quickly. You may start to think about your existence, possibly have a bit of a existential crisis for a little while. But in the meant time of that, you’ll realize along the way how much natural things are happening around you and it is done without the concept of electricity.


  • How is living without electricity more limited? Is it boring?
    • As I mentioned above in the frustration section of things, it is quite frustrating since I specialize in things that heavily rely on electricity alone. I’m a gadget obessed person, so electricity is vital to the things I use and my daily “life”. It is nice for once in a while to go without things, but in a long term sense, it would be quite boring and grating.


  • How do you think people survived without constant stimulation?
    • I feel like people in the past just interacted with other people more and hold “closer” to each other, but also be on a more set schedule. The sun is gone, you have a huge set of limitations and you need to be more efficient in the day time to make the most of things. It is possible more things just got done and in a labor workforce sense, everything was just more “efficient” in spending time to get a task done, but that same “efficient” wouldn’t be a fair/same comparison to something that does the job efficiently.


  • What would be your ideal level of life activity and connectivity?
    • I think at this point and stage of our lives in 2017, we are forced to live in the connected world and reliance on electricity. I think at most people can only do 1-2 hours a day without something needing electricity, but it is almost always more efficient and “easier” to accomplish tasks with electricity for the same task when done manually.

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