Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Jacob Hogan


Artist: Jacob Hogan

Website: Yhfabrication.com

Exhibition: Esoteric Murmers

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

About Artist:

Jacob “Yo Hogan” Hogan is a senior at CSULB, graduating this semester with a BFA in Crafting, specializing in Steel Works. His job goal is to work at a design company, but for now, he currently works at a small body shop in Newport that specializes in restoring classic cars. From an early age, Jacob was the kind of person who wanted to take things apart and put it back together, which carried throughout his life and artwork shown here.

Formal Analysis:

Jacob wants to immerse the visitors into the “workshop” space of an architect. 3/4 walls were covered with exhibit pieces. The pieces themselves were primarily of metal, ranging from copper, brass, aluminum, and steel. However, non-metal materials were used as well such as wood and resin (most likely epoxy). None of the metal pieces were painted or finished in a way that modifies their original color, so they are the color of its corresponding material (copper = brownish, steel = grayish, brass = goldish). Some of the physical works had a draft drawing of the original design hung in a frame above the art work. 1/2 of the exhibit had pieces that weren’t art pieces themselves, but to help immerse the viewers. A couch and workshop table.

Content Analysis:

The art pieces themselves felt more like a representation of Jacob’s skills working with various metals as well as translating his 2D design into 3D. Each piece was hand-made and prototyped in a way prior to being worked into the finished product shown the exhibit. The chained cube links were shown on a mannequin with a paper version and the finished metal ones are off to the side. Each piece stayed true to the color of its material, nothing was painted or finished in a way that masked the color of the metal.

Personal Observation:

I really love this exhibit as I love seeing geometry designs and hold a high interest in architecture in general. The feel of the exhibit is truly a laid back environment feel, with nice soothing music playing in the background, matching the mood of the exhibit. The chain linked cubes were neat to see in person and had three different materials (Steel, Copper, Brass) for the viewers to see and touch. The next thing I liked the most was the Hanging Lamp. I’m a sucker for industrial modern look type things and this is up my alley. This is probably by far my most favorite exhibit I’ve seen the entire semester.

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