Wk 10 – Architecture: The Wedge


For this week’s art activity, we were tasked to redesign “The Wedge” at CSULB.

The Wedge is known as a “choke point” walkway right by the traffic circle near Brotman Hall and the USU upper floors. For some odd reason, people always have a tendency to pass through this narrow gap instead of going around it, which has a lot more space. It is most likely due to people’s mentality it cuts a few steps, so it saves time. I’m also in the camp of “walking through the wedge”, despite it not being entirely practical.

What can be seen in the picture above is there’s a concrete bench on the right and a supporting white pillar on the left. In the past before, there used to be a large concrete trash can, blocking the path somewhat. People however, still went through it anyway.

My concept idea is to simply make “The Wedge” bigger, so it turns no longer into a wedge, but another path to take. We will embrace the wedge, but creating another path way so the wedge is less used often (possibly), but embracing its existence. To do this, we create another walkway area on the left side of the supporting column, via cutting parts of the planters on the left side and redo the railing on the main walkway to the USU. Below though, some plants will be lost and possibly the ramp for the disabled may have to be redone.

Scan Apr 10, 2017, 10.31 PM.jpg


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