Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

So for this week’s art activity, we were tasked to write our name with spray paint in a graffiti writing style.

I’ve worked with spray painting in the past, but that was for coloring props for costume pieces and what not, but not so much using it as an art painting tool to write something. Graffiti is pretty common here in LA and you can see both amazing things and pretty meh things done with it. I had a feeling doing graffiti writing in a “nice” way would be hard… but this activity showed me it is much harder than I thought.

Jumping into the activity, I picked out an amazon box I had folded up in my room and 4 spray paints. Krylon Red, Black, White, and Gold. I also had a spray paint gun to assist me in spraying because I remembered in the past, spray painting can hurt your fingers and wrist as you keep doing it. Surrounding the cardboard, I put out scrap newspapers so I can paint in a larger area without worrying the surrounding area.

2017-03-26 20.55.24
2017-03-26 21.00.43
Pencil Outline

I tried following the pencil outline from one of the tutorial videos to help guide me where to paint later. It seemed ok… maybe.

2017-03-26 20.58.29
Very Bad Pen Outline

I then outlined it with a black pen for a more “final” area of where I should fill in the letters with white. After that, I outlined the letters with black. Once that is done, I sprayed lightly as I could some gold around to give it an effect… hopefully.

2017-03-26 21.09.07
Result… used Black, White, and Bit of Gold around

The result was the picture above. I didn’t allow the paint to really dry so you can see the white and black mixing and turning into gray paint instead. Actually doing this was kinda fun, but now I have some more respect of graffiti artists. Writing neatly with spray paint is hard. Some don’t even do outline or have a guide for such things, and I had one an outline guide! Spray painting objects is mostly straightforward, but writing is a definite “art” itself.

2017-03-26 21.09.29


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