Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Miguel Cabada


So for this week’s classmate, I met Miguel Cabada!

Freshman (1st year) here at CSULB, undeclared major, but he wants to get into Computer Technology. Computer Technology is basically doing IT work such as fixing computers, setting up computers, managing them, and etc. Funny enough, this is what I did do over the summer, but mostly it isn’t truly relatable to the degree I’m current in school for.

Miguel developed his interest in computers via a neighbor of his, actually a Computer Engineer graduate here at CSULB. Miguel said he learned a lot from him and made him realized he enjoys using and fixing computers rather than trying to create them (hardware, programming, etc.).

Currently, he lives in Bell Gardens, which is around the area of Downey. He unfortunately spends a good portion in traffic going to school, about 1hr drive. Both of his parents are Hispanic, but was born here in America. Similar situation to me, both of my parents are Filipino, but I was born here in America. He feels like he is going to university in a “pressured” manner due to his parents though, which is a bit unfortunate, but this does happen to quite a lot of people all over. Definitely not alone in this department of things.


Miguel’s WordPress here


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