Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Elena Roznovan


Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition: Stop and Stare

Media: Installation (video)

Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @eroznovan

About the Artist: Elena is currently a 2nd year graduate student at CSULB, focusing on getting a Master in Fine Arts in Sculpture. Her previous education was an undergrad at an art school in Baltimore, Maryland. She is originally from Moldova, a country right next to Romania, but she moved to California and found an interest in art here, specifically in light and space. She is inspired by environmental phenomena and nature, but doesn’t get to experience it often here. She wants to apply for residency in America and later be able to travel around to experience and see different landscapes. Hobbies she has includes collecting vinyls, writing, outdoor activities and hiking.

What is her art? “Stop and Stare”, Elena’s meaning is that transparency brings the image “in” more and people will either enjoy it or be anxious. It’s the idea of paying attention and noticing a phenomenon. Elena’s art, in her statement, wants to investigate the concept of phenomenology, time, and how images are constructed.

Achieved by projector showing images shot in a desert, but at different times of the day(?) to represent a “day time” and “sunset”. Accompanied by various photography modifiers such as color gels hung via a frame to give a “window” into a different color perspective of the desert. Not shown well in the photo taken, there was a large amount of space from the work and a seating bench where the person could sit to enjoy the artwork. The art space was dark, so the only light you would see would be from the image itself. Light is a very important piece in photography and the control of light is the one of main factors of this art piece.

What did I think? I found this gallery to be interesting to me, because I am currently taking a photography class here at CSULB, so it already caught my attention for being a video type artwork. When I took the first picture of the work, I walked out and walked back in a few minutes later and suddenly noticed the entire scene has changed as shown in the 2nd and 3rd photo. It was something I failed to notice that it there was movement occurring the whole time and instead I was looking at a time lapse occurring in the dessert. If I had more time, I would’ve liked to sit through the entire art work to see all the minor changes occurring as time passes by.



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