Wk 6 – Art Experience – Zines and Flipbooks

So for this week (6th week), we were tasked to create a Zines or a Flipbook. Flipbooks I have heard of before and tried doing them in the past back in middle school, but Zines… is something I was unfamiliar with. I used standard, computer printer paper (8.5″ x 11″), cut in half and folded in half to create 4-1/4 x 5-1/2″ sized paper. I only used a black pen for this and no attempt to trace or draw what I was thinking of first. Currently it is bounded by two staples in the middle of the fold.

Zines seem to be basically be little magazines of a story, thought, idea, message, or something really for people to pick up and look through quickly. At our school, there was a Zine fair going on and I decided to take a look for some ideas. Ones that I saw were political zines, discussing the current political climate today, people’s rights, etc. Another I saw was Female Asian Fetishism, which had some stories of Asian American woman talking about how they were seen as a “fetish” due to a conception of seeing Asians as “exotic” compared to the norm.

Two zines that I saw that gave me my current Zine idea was a one, how to “xyz” (xyz being a very generic term for anything really) and the other being a very minimalistic zine about how to get by through life (in a summary). As I was constantly thinking about one of my other art classes’s projects (ART 241, Photography), I decided to go with this really, overly simplified How to Take Pictures zine.

The first step is to get a camera, which you actually may already have one in your hand or near by you. If you’re not fortunate enough to have a smartphone or a phone with a camera, your family probably has a camera lying around in a box somewhere. The second step is to go out and take photos. Funny enough, this is the hardest one for me because I am quite unmotivated to go outside and take photos. I love to stay indoors the most, but my assignments require me to go outside… Finally, the third step is to simply enjoy the photos you have took. Photography itself can be very fun, but if you delve deeper into technical parts of photography or trying to get things right to be artistic, sometimes, you’ll lose that memory of feeling of just taking pictures for fun. I mostly lost that feeling of taking things for fun or just the memory sake most of time now. I constantly try to take photos that are what I see are “interesting”, but sometimes I’ll just miss those moments anyway because I don’t see the moment as “interesting” enough. My message from this is to keep taking photos and hold onto that “fun” feeling.


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