Feb 09 – Japan Layover

Haneda Airport – JAL plane. Not the actual plane I was on.

Apologies for the time it takes to get this post up. Sorting and editing photos take time…

Continuing off from the previous blog post back in Feb 8th

My family and I arrive in Tokyo, Japan. Specifically Haneda Airport. Our layover here is about 7hrs, so it is more than enough time to eat food and explore around. We arrive an hour early from the scheduled arrival (3:45pm arrival, 2pm something arrival), which means more time to walk around! This was my first time going to Haneda Airport, which was quite a nice modern step up compared to Narita Airport. It is also about 20-ish mins away from the center of Tokyo, so it is the most accessible one for these short layovers.

Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport, International Terminal

This was my family’s first experience in Japan and in Tokyo, but unfortunately, the weather was rain and extremely cold, near freezing temperatures (33F, 0-1C). It actually both rained and snowed a bit. I was worried about the trains would not run on time due to the minor snow, but luckily they all did. Sadly due to the weather, it limited what we wanted to do outside/walking around.

Ikebukuro – Mutekiya Corner
Ikebukuro – Front of JR Ikebukuro Station

They wanted to eat ramen, so I went to a place that my friends always recommended to me, but never had the chance to go: Mutekiya Ramen. You can find more info on official site, yelp, and tripadvisor . Because of its popularity, they have menus in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai available, so it is pretty much foreigner friendly.

Order #1 – Mutekiya Ramen

What I got was the #1 – Mutekiya Ramen. It is tonkotsu (pork broth) with boiled egg, seaweed, green onions, bamboo shoots, chashu (pork slices), hard noodles, and chinese broccoli I think. It is the most popular choice, so I recommend on trying that, but it is on the salty end, but most ramen are anyways. We also ordered gyoza if you can see in the photo on the left side corner.

As this was my family’s first restaurant experience, they were surprised on how small the restaurant seating is. The number of seats is about 20-ish people, it isn’t that big at all. You wait outside and the usual wait times for this specific restaurant is at least an hour or more. Because of the rain outside though, I think a lot of people weren’t wiling to wait outside, so the wait time for us was about 30mins.

After we ate, we pretty much decided to wander around only in Ikebukuro, which I sadly didn’t take many pictures after that, but also some signs prohibiting photography inside the store.

Taiyaki – Fish Shaped Baked Cakes. Either a dessert or savory food.
Hamatsucho Station, Yamanote Line
Hamatsucho Station
Haneda Airport – International Departures
Tori Gate w/ LEDs Display at the airport

With that, we headed back to the airport an hour earlier than planned because my parents were getting tired. It was close to 10pm when we got to the airport and our flight is at 1am. Other than some bag issues prior to getting on the plane, we finally got onto the plane.

Next stop, Philippines.



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