Small Change of Pace – Short Term Travel Blog

So.. this is going to break off from the dedicated ART 110 assignment posts and suggested by Coach, Glenn.

Currently, I’m not attending school for the next two weeks due to family reasons and I am actually about to travel internationally soon (as of this post time).

Traveling internationally isn’t particularly new to me since I actually did this about 3 weeks ago by spending my previous Winter break in Japan for 3 weeks, as well as last winter too. Though this is the first time in a while since we all traveled as a family internationally. The last time this happened was 2010 by going to Europe/UK for fun.

So my actual destination will be the Philippines, but there’s a small 8 hour layover in Tokyo, Japan (Haneda Airport) for 6-ish hours. So I’ll try to take some more pictures and write a bit about it. I am arriving in the semi-late afternoon ish, so I don’t expect much of actual day time photos and mostly night photos if I take anything. I do have some photos of Japan from my last travel trip on my Flickr

As for how I am doing right now, I am really sleepy as I didn’t sleep for almost 24 hours now (2 hours away from that from time of posting). Went to classes on Tuesday and then just packed all and fixing up laptop to handle school work properly. I did have 1-2 class things that was due today, but the deadline got pushed back to next week… so at least I can sleep for now, but I am still quite worried.

Anyway, that’s the end of the post for now. Hopefully the next one will be about Japan… maybe in a few days or worst case mid next week.


One thought on “Small Change of Pace – Short Term Travel Blog

  1. Nice Christopher. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip. I want to call your trip an “adventure”, but since the context is kind of serious, “adventure” feels a bit off… but maybe it shouldn’t… life in all its aspects is an adventure and appreciating all of it is probably best. I’m sure you will see people and go places that you don’t see or encounter very often if ever. A friend tweeted the other day that if you travel at least 100 miles from home once a month, it makes you a more creative person.

    Have a good trip Christopher.


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