Wk 2 – Art Activity – Landscape w/ a Corpse


For this week’s activity, we had to re-create the concept of “Landscape with a Corpse”  by our own story/concept.

Here, we have a college student lying in front of a computer, abit lifeless…probably dead.

On the next photo, we can see what is the student’s schedule is a bit more closely. We see that there there is a typical class schedule, but unusually there’s  stuff packed in much closer than we thought. There are schedules for work for 8 hours on the student’s weekends and weekdays, right before classes. On the days where there isn’t work, there are some online classes deadlines, which is additional work and stress ontop of the classes in blue.

My concept here is a college student’s stress. When the student gets home to see what’s ahead of his week, it is only continuous stress and work without much personal, free time for himself. There’s a saying that you can only have 2 of 3 things at a time usually: Time, Money, and Energy. Students tend to have Time and Energy, but not so much about money. As they get older and turn into adulthood and typical 9-5 working life, it shifts over to Money and Energy, but there’s no Time to do anything fun. Finally, when you turn old enough to retire, you have Money and Time, but no longer have the Energy as before.

It is an unfortunate balance for a student.


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