Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation – Matt Ngo

For this week’s Classmate Conversation, I had the pleasure in meeting Matt Ngo! As I had my camera on me for this week, I decided to take a portrait shot. The selfie picture of both of us can be found below on the post. I kinda want to start taking a dedicated portrait photo of each classmate I meet, so this layout of classmate portrait then selife photo at the bottom might happen from now on.

We initially met by partnering up for Glenn’s Landscape w/ a Corpse story to give each other feedback. His story was about a normal person living in the city, going about their daily life work life, but decides to go leave the city. But once they leave, they found a nice hill spot with the city and the background and peacefully go. His story I felt like, was a very natural and peaceful type of passing, meanwhile I was constantly thinking of various murder or dark type corpse stories… oops.

Matt is a 2nd year at CSULB, went from Pre-Nursing for his first year to currently undeclared due to the strict GPA requirements of Pre Nursing (3.8 GPA? His was 3.77). That’s pretty tough…

Funny enough, he went to the same high school and academy program as me, but 2 years apart. He is interested in the clubs around campus and that is something nice to check out, especially for how diverse CSULB is itself. Another interest we happened to share is he likes Anime. All the best for hoping that he finds out what he wants to graduate here with!

Matt Ngo’s WordPress



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