Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Anthony Estalilla

Week 1 of ART 110 class! Everyone in the class had to create a wordpress site for our weekly postings. One of these weekly postings is called “Classmate Conversation”, which we find someone in our class section that we never met before and talk to each other. Afterwards, we write about it on a blog post!

So for the first classmate I am covering today is Anthony. He is actually from the 1pm section, but Glenn asked him to stay for the 2:30pm section and I ended up meeting him. He’s a second year student at CSULB, majoring in Psychology. He switched over from Molecular Biology, which he initially chose because he always wanted to study about life. It turns out, he didn’t want the study of life, but rather the study of human life. This is why he ended up switching to a Psychology major and is currently enjoying his studies in it a lot more. He currently lives in Carson, which is a bit of way from the campus. Anthony is a pretty laid back guy and he simply wants to enjoy life. I definitely had fun meeting him and  hoping the best of luck for him in both school and his future endeavors!

You can check out his WordPress blog here!


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